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News from the Greens Crew

It’s that time of year again folks. The trees are blooming, the pollen is flying, the birds are nesting and the darn grass is growing out of control. It seemed for a while, as though winter was never going to let go but now I am remembering why I don’t love spring as much as most people. My team has been working extremely hard to keep the course groomed for all of you but sometimes it is just impossible to keep the rough mowed down in all areas. We are currently short a couple of employees so please bear with us as we try to catch up. The greens are almost completely healed from aerification so hopefully you are enjoying the smooth, slick surfaces once you get there.

I’m sure some of you have noticed the trench and catch basins recently installed behind the fourth green. Over the past several years we have had problems maintaining healthy turf through the middle of the green because every time we received heavy rains, the water would flow from the rough behind the green right onto the back center and across the green. Since installing the drainage, the only water on the green is that which falls on it. This should make for a much healthier and dense putting surface throughout the year.

We have a few other projects planned and will work on them as we get more staff and caught up on our regular course maintenance. The next one in the pipeline is to install drainage in the 3 gulleys that cross the 12th fairway. This will make it easier to drive carts down the hole as well as make it a better playing surface and more aesthetically pleasing.

As always, I encourage you to provide me with any feedback you might have about how we are maintaining the course or things you would like to see improved. My door is always open and my inbox waiting for your comments.

Shawn Gill

Golf Course Superintendent