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Maintenance Team Update

Here’s some news from your Prince William G.C. agronomy team.

I don’t have to tell you all that it has been a long and miserable winter, but undoubtedly, in a few months we’re sure to have some hot days that will leave us longing for a nice cool day. This polar vortex weather pattern that we’ve seemed to settle into has put a real glitch in some of the course improvement projects that we has planned, but has not kept us from being busy. Instead of hauling fill material and smoothing the area along the cart path on the first half of #9, we’ve been able to catch up on servicing our golf carts so that none of you will bothered by one not getting you around the course this year safely and comfortably.

As many people who have ventured out onto the course during the few warm ups we’ve had in the last couple months have noticed, we have removed quite a few trees around the course. Some of them were dead or dying and many were removed to prevent damage by an insect that has moved into this area and likes to survive the winter under pine trees. We also have worked on removing some trees that were making for unreasonably difficult golf shots. Remember that many of the trees you see during your rounds were either not there or much, much smaller when the course was designed. In some ways, we are bringing the course back to its originally intentioned shot making character.

Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to complete a few course improvements before we get down to the nitty gritty of making sure you all have the best conditions possible, every day you come out to play.

Please keep in mind that I am always interested in your feedback so don’t hesitate to stop by my shop and say hi anytime. And keep your fingers crossed for a little global warming to kick in and get us back out there on the course.

Shawn Gill

Golf Course Superintendent