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Maintenance News

As you all might have noticed, we’ve been out aerating tees and green surrounds. The small size of many of our tees makes it very difficult to keep the surfaces thick and healthy for you throughout the year. The smaller ones can get especially beat up during the winter season, when turf is not actively growing and divots cannot grow over. That is why we move some of the tee markers off of their regular surfaces (and we appreciate your hitting from these less desirable locations in order to ensure that conditions are acceptable for the main playing season.) The second seeding that we just performed (the first was done last fall) should help to improve the tees and provide you good footing when things start to “pop” as the weather warms up. As for the green surrounds, if your golf game is anything like mine, you don’t hit too many greens on your approach shots. That is why I try to make sure you at least a reasonable lie to chip from and maybe get a few ”up and down” pars.

I’m sure you are all looking forward to the weather changing so that you can enjoy swinging your clubs without being all bundled up in layers to keep warm. Unfortunately, along with good weather, comes greens aeration. We will be performing this annual “destruction of the greens surfaces” on April 6 & 7 if weather permits. I am confident that within a week afterwards, conditions will be back to normal and you won’t have to worry about that operation for another 6 months.

We are also installing drainage behind the green on hole #4. This is an area that collects water and funnels it onto the green whenever we receive excessive rain, which in turn causes a myriad of problems especially when hot weather is around during the summer. Just remember too much water is always worse than not enough because we can always add more but cannot take excess away. This drainage project should be wrapped up in the next week and will result in better conditions in that area of the green surround as well as the green itself.

Hang in there and you’ll be looking at these conditions soon enough. 

That’s all for now from your friendly maintenance staff. We look forward to seeing you all out on the course so shine up those shoes and regrip those clubs. 

Shawn Gill

Golf Course Superintendent